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Can you hear it? Can you hear it?


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coin operated boy
sitting on the shelf, he is just a toy
but i turn him on and he comes to life
automatic joy
that is why i want a coin operated boy.

coin operated boy
he may not be real. experienced with girls.
but i know he feels like a boy should feel
isn't that the point? that is why i want a
coin operated boy
with his pretty coin operated voice
saying that he loves me, that he's thinking of me
straight and to the point

that is why i want
a coin operated boy.

[ coin operated boy . dresden dolls ]

A one of charmers, ay, Una Unica, charmers, who, under the branches of the elms, in shoes as yet unshent by stoniness, wend, went, will wend a way of honey myrrh and rambler roses mistmusk while still the maybe mantles the meiblume, or ever her if have faded from the fleur, their arms enlocked (ringrang, the chimes of sex appealing as conchitas with sentas stray, rung!), all thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All every inch of it, the pleasure each will preen her for, the business each was bred to breed by.

[ finnegan's wake . james joyce ]

Hello. My name is Finnegan.

How are you today?

[ subject of study :: NERO ]
[ test variable :: merii ]
[ controlled environment :: jrockroleplay ]
[ the first, if not the original flavour :: circa. July 24, 2004 ]

chemical psychadelics, chub-rock, clandestine labs, corporate extortion, drug synthesis, drums, merii, merry, my crazy fucking eyebrows, my indeterminate sexuality, pot